Atika Altar

Available for DJ Sets
Based in Singapore

Atika Altar is a dj synonymous with her electronic music collective, Interstellar.
Her dj sets reflect her collection of dance music from techno, trance, house, acid, triphop, idm, psychedelic, nu-jazz plus the non-dance electronica sides of ambient and experimental soundscapes.

She has supported & hosted artists like Marco Shuttle, Milton Bradley, Ulf Eriksson, Acronym, Stenny, Patrik Skoog, DJ Shhhhh, Mono Junk, Nthng, Obgon, Ican Harem, Lsdxoxo and showcased an avant-pop / downtempo side, warming up for Brainfeeder’s Lapalux and Tourist earlier this year.

Over the years, Atika has played guest slots at Phuture-Zouk, the now-defunct Art Bar-Butter Factory, Lush99.5 FM, Gallery & Co, and regionally at Thailand’s Wonderfruit Festival, De Commune, Bali’s Koh, Vault, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne and New Zealand.

Her versatility has taken her beyond the party periphery to dj events for beauty house M.A.C. & fashion label, Depression.

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