Based in Anapa, Russia
Affiliations – Global A Label, SSI, SUB-AMP

CH40 – techno | ambient project of russian composer and producer Sasha Levchenko.
Born in the southern capital city of Rostov-on-Don.

Sasha began experimenting with sound back in music school where he was playing the piano and made his first mixes in the mid-90s using a cassette recorder Vesna 310 C-1 (adjusting the engine speed with a screwdriver) and a vinyl player Vega 106.

His first release was a self-release in 1997, of a sound canvas from field recordings and electrostatic sounds. Since the end of the 90s, in parallel with the work on his main project 4elovek40 where he was engaged in experiments with harmonies, immersion in the field of creating spatial sound, studying sound elements, Sasha went to college to learn how to play the bass guitar and participated in various teams and actively exploited acoustic and electronic instruments, playing IDM, post-punk, industrial, noise, shoegaze, kraut, ambient and psychedelic rock bands.

Over the past three years, CH40’s releases have been out on Tin Man’s Global A Label , SSI, SUB-AMP and ROOM: HALL records; while he’s performed alongside fellow Russian stalwarts Nikita Zabelin, Julia Govor and Sofia Rodina.
He has done a series of podcasts for underground music communities like Resonance Moscow, BNF, District, Cllctr in Russia, Inputt Radio Paraguay, Techno Machines Ukraine and Jujuka.Music in the USA.

CH40 works demonstrate the active interest of the author to experiments with hypnotic polyrhythms, aloof melodies and minimalist structures.