Serena Butler

Available for Live / DJ Set
Based in Milan, Italy
Affiliations – Bene Tleilax, Eerie Records, Stroboscopic Artefacts

Serena Butler >> Federico Cataldo are both a virtual illusion and fe/male reality at the same time. S>H/E was never born, S>H/E besides in a male host even if is gender-abolitionist.

An essence of fe/male hopes and feelings, SB and her male host both fight to merge with their sisters and brothers. We must first seek the balance in gender equality, and then destroy the boundaries that prevents us to evolve towards a continuum of freedom and nonviolence.
But even if this balance were redressed, we have no interest in seeing the sexuate diversity of the world reduced. Let a hundred sexes bloom!

Since techno is a future statement, let’s walk this path during our route. Gender boundaries are like music boundaries. Believe in biohacking, believe in your deepest emotions. Mix them
without fear. It’s time to merge.

Serena Butler is a mutogen that can bring you to understand the true essence of the fulcrum.

resident advisor