Available for DJ / Live Set
Based in Bali, Indonesia

Svara is modern day sound shaman practicing sound therapy by day and smashing dancefloors at night. He is the creator of Acoustic Bioresonance – a unique experience that merges sound and light technology to induce out of body experiences and altered states of consciousness.

Before going down the rabbit hole, Svara has been a DJ for almost 15 years mainly in the Tokyo scene where he co-founded the Rainbow Disco Club festival as well as curating and producing cultural and artistic events for the cities of Berlin and Tokyo. 

As a DJ, Svara spends a long of time researching new music and his selection can include anything from ambient, techno, house, minimalism, bass, and acoustic music. He is just as comfortable playing banging techno, groovy club orientated sounds, eclectic ecstatic dance sets, or ambient electro-acoustic sound journeys.

Over the years, he has played alongside Dixon, Ame, Dj Nobu, Ben UFO, Dasha Rush,
Marco Shuttle, Minilogue, Floating Points, Stefan Goldmann, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Move D, Craig Richards, nd_baumecker, Ulf Eriksson.