Available for DJ Sets, *vinyl only sets possible upon request as well
Based in Bali, Indonesia
Affiliations – Timothy Really, DESØNER

Zuyack was born in Kyoto and grew up in Osaka (Japan) where he was influenced by his brother and the booming psychedelic rave movement at the time. Zuyack is an offspring of a summer of love movement that happened in the late 90’s in Japan. 

While building his career as a DJ, he played a prominent role as a buyer for the legendary record store “Wizard Records” in Tokyo until 2005. Through his experience as a buyer he participated in many projects in the Japanese underground scene, mainly as a part of Timothy Really and playing frequently at Womb.

In 2010, he moved to Bali where has been playing regularly on the island from beach clubs to underground parties to famous venues such as Koh, Vault, Potato Head, and the Air Festival. He also started an art collective with local artist Ican Harem – Rumah 23 & Dots to Dots.

Over the years, he has supported and played alongside numerous prolific artists like Sammy Dee, Sofia Rodina, Ed Davenport, Alex Kid, Kate Simko, Margaret Dyas and more.

His sound could be described as techno and house with touches of hypnotic minimal sounds creating a story across wide and deep latitudes, evolving through low-end worlds.

resident advisor